What are the dimensions of the 3 Cubic Yard Bin

The 3 cubic yard bins measures 6ft long by 4ft wide and 4ft tall.

Hector Cabrales

12/5/20231 min read

The 3 cubic yard bin is comparable to the bins that one sees outside of apartment buildings and some restaurants. It is an excellent choice for customers that need to do a quick garage cleanup where most of the trash is smaller size cardboard, random junk, wood, and other trash.

Our 3 cubic yard bin is also a great choice for customers that are doing social events such celebrating a special occasion at a venue, or home, or filming a great movie, and need a place to accommodate excess trash. Our 3 yard bins are an excellent choice.

Thinking about doing a small home renovation such as kitchen, flooring, or bathroom? The 3 yard bin can be a great choice for waste management.