3 Cubic Yard Bins

Our 3 cubic yard bins measure 6ft long by 4ft wide and 4ft tall. They can handle up to 3 cubic yards of junk, cardboard, green waste, and other trash.

3 Cubic Yard Bin for General Junk

3 Cubic Yard Bin for Construction Trash

Professional Delivery Services

Hauling Away will deliver your bin on time no matter what time of the day it is. We are open for special hours during social events, filming, and community cleanups.

Innovative Clean Environmental Solutions

Our bins are made out of 100 percent recyclable material. When we deliver our 3 cubic yard bins, our customer are also helping us keep our world a better place to be.

Light Yet Strong Enough To Complete the Task.

Our bins are easy to move around, One person can easily move the bin if needed without much effort. This is important because we can place the bin in almost any place possible.

One to Multiple Bins

Having a great number of our 3 yard bins in stock, we can accommodate customers that need multiple bins at a time. Please call us, let us know how we can help you on your next project.

Community and Event Cleanup

Our staff is ready to help you deliver our 3 yard bins to almost all of Los Angeles, the High Desert, and San Bernardino Area.

Reliable and Peace of Mind

We work together with our customers, so that we can delivery a dumpster at short notice. Our customers have peace of mind, knowing that their bin will be delivered.